Our kittens


All our kittens are with pedigree, microchip, europass, vaccinated and dehelmintised.


british shorthair p litter

Beasty of Sppledid Mimi BRI o (ticked)        GICH. Choco Bangi from Sham BRI b


Placido AdorableCat*LT- BRI c lilac(ticked)longhair male 


o litter

Paloma AdorableCat*LT BRI c  ECH.Impresario of Love Story BRI o (ticked)



Oliver AdorableCat*LT- BRI b(ticked) genetically shorthair, blood group A/b,3 months


Selkirk Rex

        CH.Nicol Adorable Cat*LT SRX a      GECH. Jorik AdorableCat*LT SRX w62


White longhair curly boy

Two black homozygous curly shorthairs girls

White homozygous longhair curly girl