Our kittens


All our kittens are with pedigree, microchip, europass, vaccinated and dehelmintised.

british shorthair

c litter

CH.Elite AdorableCat*LT BRI b (ticked)    Placido AdorableCat*LT BRI c (ticked)


British shorthair lilac, fawn and chocolate color (ticked) girls



Selkirk Rex

a litter

CH.Nicole AdorableCat*LT SRS a       Placido AdorableCat*LT BLH c (ticked)


Arci Adorable*LT- blue longhair curly boy


Alex AdorableCat*LT- blue longhair curly boy


b litter

Vesta AdorableCat*LT SRS b                WCH.Jorik AdorableCat*LT SRX w 62


Baron AdorableCat*LT- white lonhgair curly boy



Bruno AdorableCat*LT- blue shorthair curly (hoozygous) boy




q litter

  CH.Nicol Adorable Cat*LT SRX a      GECH. Jorik AdorableCat*LT SRX w62


Querida AdorableCat*LT- black homozygous curly shorthair girl



Quana AdorableCat*LT- black homozygous longhair curly girl