British Shorthair

GIСH.Choco Bangi from Sham BRI-b


Birth date: 25.02.2012,
Color: chocolate,
Blood group: А,
Tests: FIV, FeLV - negative,
Father: Choco Boss from Sham BRI-b,
Mother: Autumn-Breeze van Black Lake BRI-a


ECH.Impresario of Love Story BRI o


                                                       Birth date:2013.11.21

                                                      Color: cinamon ( ticked)

                                                  Tests: FIV, FeLV- negative

                             DNA genetic analysed:HCM n/n,PKD n/n,SMA n/n,PRA  n/n, gen. shorthair

                                         Father: IC. Dynamite Plush Kingdom BRI d

                                         Mother:CH. La Murr*Cat's Glitter Girl  BRI b

british shorthair

GICH. Eddy AdorableCat*LT BRI b ( ticked)

                                                               Date of Birth: 2016-01-06

                                               Color: Chocolate (ticked), genetically shorthair

                                                     Mother: Paloma AdorableCat*LT BRI c

                                          Father: ECH. Impresario of Love Sotry BRI o (ticked)



Selkirk Rex longhair

GICH.Curly Orlando from Sham SEL-LH-p-03


                                                                        Birth date: 15.04.2012,
                                                                             Color: fawn white,
                   Awards: WCF Adult Ring IV place x 2, BEST IN SPECIAL SHOW (Baltic Cup),

                                Best Opposite Sex, Best of   Best IV- World Cat Show

                                                                     Tests: FIV/FeLV,HCM- negative

                                                                      Father: TICA-Quadr.Gr.Champion,
                                                          Curly Milky Way Junior SEL-w-63, white/odd eyes,
                                                          Mother: In.Ch. Curly Odette from Sham SEL-p-03


Selkirk rex longhair



GECH.Jorik AdorableCat*LT SRX w 62


                                                      Color: white, orange eyes

                                                     Date of Birth: 2012.11.30

Awards:WCF Kitten Ring I Place World Cat Show Vilnius, Best of Best Kitten World Cat Show

WCF Kitten Ring I Place European Cat Show Riga, Best Kitten x 2 European Cat Show

                                                   Tests: FIV/FeLV, HCM- negative

                                     Father: CH. Glamour of Gentle Pleasure BRI a

                                                  Mother: CH. Avital Sweet Swirl SRX w 62




                               On the Photo GECH Jorik AdorableCat*LT is 7 months old