Our kittens


All our kittens are with pedigree, microchip, europass, vaccinated and dehelmintised.

british shorthair 2021 year

 We are expecting new litter of fawn, lilac and blue kittens.

y litter

  Caramel AdorableCat*LT BRI p(ticked)      Nehebkau Svajonė BRI c

Yogurt AdorableCat*LT- lilac (ticked) longhair male


York AdorableCat*LT- lilac shorthair male


Yorik AdorableCat*LT- lilac (ticked) shorthair male 


Yummi AdorableCat*LT- lilac (ticked)shorthair male

z litter

  Iriska Svajone BRI a                                Irakl AdorableCat*LT BRI c


 Lilac male


Fawn male


   Fawn male


Blue female